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Welcome to the home of Guerrilla With a Cause

This website is intended to companion the associated Guerrilla With a Cause You Tube channel.  Here, you will find access to not only information regarding the activity of bodybuilding, diet and nutritional information, fat loss, work out routines and approaches, and all related subject matter, but also insight into the myriad of activities and outreach type exercises  into which we will engage.  We are anti-bullying, pro-defense and sufficiency, pro-humanitarian, and we maintain a No Bystander mentality.  Simply put, we will not bystand, and we beseech every member of our worldwide Guerrilla family to maintain the same constitution.  No Bystander means that if we see an injustice, we will engage as required.  We will speak out, we will point it out, we will not allow abuse of anyone's person.  We will not tolerate unfair treatment to any other life form where we witness it.  Each of us is but one voice in the wilderness but together we are a unified force.  We seek to uncover others as ourselves - wherever they reside, whatever their appearance, whatever their background.  We believe the differences we possess individually are strengths and assets.  We choose to practice an elightened state of humanity.  We choose love over hate.  We would choose peace over violence.  We choose to evolve rather than devolve.  These things are ideals but they are ideals well worth practicing, though none is perfect and we all fall short.  If you could envision and appreciate such a world, then be that change.  Join us.  Share our message and support.  We are brothers and sisters.  If you have found us and you are a bullying victim or you are unsettled or you are afraid and feel helpless, let us know who you are - we want to help.  It is very likely someone among us has experienced what you are now going through, and if you come out of the shadows, we will see you, and together, we will change it.  You matter.  What you are going through matters.  You are not alone - good people do care.

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