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 At Guerrilla With a Cause, we know that we cannot change any problem, world wide, with just one kind gesture.  We realize that the actions we may undertake cannot be said to have resolved with permanence.  However, we believe it is better to engage, person to person, human to human, and in doing so we accomplish immediate intervention even if only temporarily in an individual life.  What can you do, you wonder?  Our logic is straight forward and simple:


If someone hungers, you feed them.

If someone shivers, you blanket or clothe them.

If someone has no money and I see their situation has reduced them to having to panhandle, yes, I give it to them.  Certainly, there is possibility for deception.  It is possible the recepient may take that money and purchase a drug or alcohol with it.  However, it is their money - not mine - once I have given it to them, freely.  It is theirs to do with as they choose. What is the off-set if I suspect the worst and withold?

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