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For a $300.00 Donation

What you get:  Initial assessment which will guide me toward the design of a custom made diet to support our target goal; Intital Skype or telephone conversation and discussion to introduce the diet to you with the intent of clarification and specification to make your application and transition as smooth and problem free as possible - we need to establish a clear understanding of the nuts and bolts as well as the how, when and why of what we are doing.  Next,  I will instruct you through your first cardio session to ensure it is productive/effective.  I will also present you with a training routine based upon what resources you have at your disposal.  We will consult at scheduled check-ins in interest of remaining on track and checking progress. What you must obtain:  a heart rate monitor, in rare cases I may request you to secure a glucose testing device, you may also need to obtain a limited number of dietary supplements from the provider of your choosing.  This brief and basic overview is by no means complete.  I will provide you with the knowledge, I will provide you with the instruction and do all I am able to make certain you are applying that knowledge to full benefit, but it is entirely incumbent upon you to follow your diet, your routine, and put the sweat equity into this venture.  You are in the driver's seat, and the best directions in the world will never get you there if you do not start the car and make it happen.

60 Day Diet & Nutrition Coaching

$500.00 Regular Price
$300.00Sale Price
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